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Meet Sci-fi horror book Writer Erika Ravnsborg

Erika Ravnsborg, a passionate freelance writer hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, finds inspiration in the breathtaking mountains surrounding her, nurturing her creativity and imagination. She’s known for her adventurous spirit in culinary exploration as a vegetarian foodie and her playful enjoyment of dancing, regardless of expertise. Driven by a lifelong love for words and their expressive power, Erika has embraced her calling as an author, aspiring to captivate and inspire others through storytelling. Her journey showcases her spirit and unwavering commitment to influencing readers with the magic of literary work.

In her dedicated advocacy work, Erika volunteers extensively at the Calgary Zoo, Women in Need Society (WINS), Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), and actively participates in blood donation drives. Her commitment to human, children’s, and animal rights deeply influences her creative endeavors. Erika is committed to creating a world that fosters healthy environments and equal opportunities for all.

Erika’s diverse talents extend beyond her writing; she actively engages in creative pursuits as a hobby, demonstrating her multifaceted interests. She enjoys social interactions and cherishes her role as a community-oriented individual. As for her debut book, “Insights into the Next Realm: Shadows from the Darkness,” Erika aims to navigate a unique dimension, exploring the mystical journey of four women. While the book’s target audience is open to interpretation, Erika’s intention transcends mere children’s literature, offering a narrative suitable for various ages.
The book’s release is slated for 2023, marking the advent of Erika’s literary journey. Her vision is to inspire a diverse readership and contribute positively to the world, particularly by nurturing a brighter future for the younger generation.

If you are looking for a horror comedy book author who expertly blends multiple themes simultaneously, Erika Ravnsborg stands out with her impressive writing skills and inspirational intentions by crafting her masterpiece, “Insight into the Next Realm: Shadow from the Darkness.” Join Erika on this adventurous journey to explore a magical realm and take your stand in the battle between evil and good. Readers will enjoy a roller coaster ride of emotions as they dive into her literary work.